Desserts in Delray Beach, Florida

You’re craving something… What is it? Is it salty or sweet? Personally, I am always craving a salty treat! On rare occasions, I will *NEED* a delicious dessert. Today was one of those days.

Let’s go on an adventure to Delray Beach, Florida! As a disclaimer, there is obviously more to Delray than Atlantic Avenue; our choices will just all be either on or a few blocks away from Atlantic Avenue. First step, find a parking spot along the street or park in the Old School Square Parking Garage near Atlantic Avenue. Depending on which day your sweet tooth comes a’calling, you may get free parking. There’s free parking in this parking garage from Sunday-Wednesday. On Thursday-Saturday, there is free parking before 4pm and $5 after 4pm-midnight.

You: Enough about parking!! Get to it, lady!

FY&I Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Shop

Although it may seem generic, I could never have enough frozen yogurt. I LOVE IT. But for our friends who are not as crazy about froyo, there are plenty of ice cream flavors to choose from. With its location being in the hub of restaurants, it is perfect for an after dinner dessert. According to their website, “FY&I also offers: Protein Shakes, Birthday Cakes, Sundaes, Pies, Banana Splits, Milkshakes and Candies.” There ya’ go! Go get your sweet treats on!




Look at all of those toppings! DROOLING. EVERY. WHERE.

Le Macaron French Pastries

Although they have a website, their delray location can best be found on Facebook. The story of this place’s origin is a sweet one of a mother-daughter relationship whose only dream was to educate American French food enthusiasts on what authentic macarons (and not macaroons) taste and look like.

Upon entering this adorable spot, I felt as if I had been transported to a French cafe in a small, ambiguous French village…Seriously, I was waiting for Belle to pass by singing, “There goes the baker with his tray like always.” The woman working behind the counter had a French accent and the most wonderful personality! She was helpful and almost as sweet as the decadent treats she so very quickly sold us on.




IMG_0505Such a cute spot! We can’t say enough. Go visit!

Two Fat Cookies

Although the word “cookies” is in the title, cookies aren’t the only things these pros make at Two Fat Cookies. As much as I enjoy cookies, I had to get this stunner cupcake after the baker told me there was a surprise inside!



SPOILER ALERT. The surprise is skittles! After neither writing down the name of this cupcake nor finding it online, I am thinking that perhaps they have an assortment of cupcakes that they make and not all are on the website! All the more reason to visit them in person!

Here’s another cupcake we tried! Unfortunately, there wasn’t a surprise in this one, but man, was it good!!!IMG_0522IMG_0525IMG_0527

There are so many delicious desserts in Delray Beach, Florida, and it was incredibly hard limiting it to just three of our favorite spots. Which ones did we forget?

Tell us in the comments which of the three you would visit!

Happy sweet treat eating!


  1. This is a great post! I would definitely try the macaron place. The back story is just too sweet. (Pun intended.)


    1. Haha! I thought the same thing!


  2. Followingtherivera says:

    Two fat cookies look like my kind of place! You’ve really triggered my sweet tooth reading this post, thank you!


  3. I love macarons!!! And anything that says le macaron haha It sounds like a cool place to have these cool dessert places!!


  4. Lana Giles says:

    I do love desserts and I don’t think I can choose one spot to visit. I would have to visit all three just to try them all! Macarons are my favourite and they look absolutely divine! How cute is that french pastry shop. Froyo is perfect on a warm day! I’ll have to pop into these shops when I next visit Florida. : )


  5. Alexander Popkov says:

    If I go there, I think I will get a sugar overdose! Oh, everything just looks so tasty, I wouldn’t be able to help myself.


  6. Ohh I love beaches. And Delray beach in Florida sounds like heaven. Even better combination is frozen yogurt. I love to put a tons of fruits and chocolate on top! 🙂 Two fat cookies and their cupcakes looks so sweet! I think I could spend hours and hours there.


  7. So many sweets! I would like to try all the specialties that are shown here. Yummy!


  8. Christina says:

    We agree, you can never have enough FROYO. I loved the story of the Macaron! Educate everyone how to say it too. I can always go for a cookie but a cupcake surprise sounds nice!


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