Renting a Car & Driving in Ireland

We rented our car from Europcar in Dublin. We landed in Dublin at 7am Irish time and 2am our time. To say we were exhausted is an understatement. Although every one at Europcar was extremely helpful, we did feel that the process took longer than it does in the states. 

If you go during the winter time, expect that your car windows might freeze over. This is not something we were used to, coming from a state that panics when it goes below 65 degrees. If this does happen, check with the car rental agency and they will likely have some anti-freeze to help you out. Once you can see through your windows, the next step is turning on the car, which we found to be quite the adventure. Although we rented an automatic car, we had to hold down the brake while turning the key. It was a very interesting situation.

Remember that the Irish drive on the left side of the road, and their steering wheels are on the right. On Motorways, the right lane is for passing only. In some counties, deer, sheep, goats, and other animals have access to the road you’re on… like in Ireland. Drive slow on these roads; the animals are unpredictable, and will walk out right in front of your vehicle. So, again, drive slow, and be prepared for anything and everything.

Set your GPS to avoid tolls. It can be a hassle to drive and count your coins to make sure you have E1.90 exactly. The machines don’t take 5 cent coins, so keep that in mind too. Although you can insert your VISA card, the entire process can be stressful if you’re not from the country.

If your GPS is a jerk like ours, then it may take you on very narrow, country roads meant for one car. In farm towns, tractors will get out of the way for you, but to avoid this mess, try to stay on the Motorways.

Make sure to look around (safely of course). There’s so much beauty in every corner and so many adventures around every turn.

See our adventure in video!